Evangelist Virginia Bouie

Genesis of Café Freedom

Café Freedom Healing and Empowerment Ministries was born out of a vision given to me by God over 15 years ago. Although a vision, I certainly did not want to run with it. My reluctance to immediately yield to God’s will was rooted in fear. Fear that the task was too great and that my effort would be too inadequate. However, that fear could not be sustained, as I continued to encounter one hurting woman after another. My love for souls and for the God that created them, would no longer allow me to ignore the pain that I could see with my human eye and discern with my spirit. I was given a divine assignment by God to create a refreshing place for all who were wearied by life’s experiences or those who simply longed for more…more God.

The first year I conservatively planned for about 50 women…and over 200+ showed up. The confirmation that I had truly heard from God was not in the number of attendees, but in the restorative healing power of God that flowed through the Café in January 2010. It was in the resuscitated lives…it was in the transformed lives. The testimonies flowed for weeks, months, and years. Well, as we prepare for our 11th summit and after the numerous women and now men that have refreshed themselves at The Café, my boldness in Christ is stronger than ever. God’s mandate for The Café has not changed: Create a safe haven where souls from all walks of life can bring their raw pain or highest hopes…be naked…be unashamed…be healed…and ultimately be empowered to make Kingdom Impact. Anything is possible once you get a Sip of the Living Water.

Café Freedom is not just a moment …It’s a Movement: Committed to seeing all Helped, Healed, and made Whole!

The Café Freedom Experience

A Day of Deliverance but a Lifetime of Freedom.

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